Smartthings API

Started by EdwardN


I've found a very beta nanoleaf - smartthings api written by a github member but I'm hoping for some news of an official version. His requires translating the IP address into hex and jumping through some hoops to get the authentication key, and polling appears to be intermittent. Perhaps you could contact the author to either use his source to make an api, or offer a way to help with those issues?


I would second the above request. Smartthings is the most flexible and friendly home automation hub and providing official support to that will open up infinite possibilities in home automation. For example, I am looking forward to making my aurora panels blink red when my flooding sensor detects some water leak in the basement. I already do that with Hue bulbs, but having another notification in another room is what home automation is all about.

Most critical parts of this code is already available (as in EdwardN's post), you only need to fix it and make it official.


Please please do this….. the amount of people using smartthings im shocked the nanoleaf didnt launch with smartthings support. It has 10x to the tenth power the userbase over Homekit. You can guarantee more sales with this integration.


Still bummed they removed Smartthings integration from the roadmap last year. Am reliant on my Echo now but would love to have everything in one spot.


Has there been any update on this? I was surprised to learn that the essentials series are not compatible with Smartthings after I bought enough bulbs and strips for my entire home… =/