With Canvas launching I'd love to see continued support for the Triangle Light Panels

Started by D Wo

D Wo

I'm currently an enthusiastic user of the triangle Nanoleaf Light Panels. While Nanoleaf's new Canvas product looks very intriguing I'm finding it hard to justify picking up the new product due to both my personal preference for the triangle shape, and the considerable costs associated with switching between the two ecosystems. I would assume there are other Nanoleaf owners out there in a similar position.

Given the existing triangle Light Panels are modular by design I'm wondering if it would be possible to release updated components that would be able to add additional features to the triangle panels. Ideas that pop to mind:

  • An updated WiFi AC Power module that could power more than 30 light panels at once. Maybe have improved processing power in order to create more complicated visuals with the panels or improved wireless connectivity.
  • An updated Rhythm module with built in streaming audio support (like AirPlay 2, Chromecast Audio, or Bluetooth) for direct audio input.
  • Updated versions of the triangle Light Panels that offer visual options not currently possible with the current panels. I'd love to see Light Panels with several different light zones, so different areas of the same light panel could be a different color. I'd imagine such a product would allow greater precision in motion based fading color patterns.
  • New light panel shapes that can be incorporated with the triangle light panels (e.g. square panels matching the design appearances and side lengths of the existing triangle panels).

I guess I'd be open to any possibility of enhancements that could extend the longevity and features of existing Nanoleaf Light Panel setups.

Additionally I'm wondering if you guys could offer insight into the level of support the triangle Light Panels might experience in the future. Will software updates and enhancements continue to occur, or have your team moved on to focusing on newer and future products (e.g. Canvas, etc.)?

Thanks ahead of time if this post gets a response. Best regards.



I agree and vote up the above completely as well :)



As do I. Great suggestions!


Chad chad

Amazing ideas. You took the words right out of my mouth.



Yes I think continued development of the triangle system would be wise.



+1 vote for this, it would be great to see continued support and compatibility between the systems



AC Wifi support and bluetooth for both power and rhythm modules are excellent recommendations. +1!

It would also be nice to see added support for configuring devices to use hidden wifi SSIDs. Each of mine are hidden for privacy/security purposes and I had to create a completely new Wifi network that is not hidden to support my Nanoleaf setup.