Touch screen

Started by phobosmoon


More than an idea, a new concept for the next generation of Aurora. ;-)

What if… each panel act like a touchscreen, with some rules "on touch", "on slide", "on hold", customizable with the Open API.

A rule can call an effect on the touched panel, or the panels around. Just imagine the possibilities !


I want to know how can I fix my touch screen lcd, I am having an lcd in my office where we give services like commercial floor waxing service as we have to decided things about which type of our client need but as few week it making issue which bothering us as we facing thing about what we need to do, for that I need to know that how can I do it so that things goes smoothly.


As a solar cable manufacturer I use iPhone 13 for business purpose. Because I have experienced that iPhone perform better than android for heavy data. But unfortunately my phone touch screen is broken. I want to replace it. Can you please tell me from where I can replace it.