Simple hello world app

Started by muddy__night__195


Going through documentation, I can not figure out how to create a basic Hello World app using the Open API.

Is there an example where I can see how to set a single panel to a random color (Javascript / Python / Ruby / c#)?



The built in api is restful, so you don't actually have to use a programming language (javascript/python/etc) to take advantage of its features. The nanoleaf postman documentation here covers getting started much better than I can. You can use postman to easily test out features of the api.

That said, you can also use a third-party api wrapper to access the api using the programming languages you mentioned. The best wrappers (in my opinion) for their corresponding languages are listed below (click on the links).

Most of these projects have examples and documentation in their readmes to help you get started.

To answer the rest of your question, setting the color of a single panel is slightly more complicated then it might seem at first (depending on which of the above links you choose to use). There isn't a "set panel color" command in the api so you have to create a static effect that only updates one panel, then display that on the aurora using the "write" command. Here's a simple way to set the color of a panel in java. Here's a more complicated way to set the color of a panel in java.