Screen Mirroring - Extended usability

Started by TNormann


The current Screen Mirroring is an amazing feature, but unfortunately extremely limited in terms of usability.

Summary of request

  • Ability to use Screen Mirroring without computer, i.e. directly via SmartTV, ChromeCast, Apple TV, game consoles, etc.
  • Automated Screen Mirroring in certain contexts (e.g., when it receives signal from ChromeCast, game console, …)
  • Extended configurability of Screen Mirroring effects
  • Ability to connect Screen Mirroring with smart lights of other brands

The first one is the most important one - and probably the most difficult one :-) However, this is widely requested, the interwebs is filled with people asking for this. Now, people are buying Hue HDMI sync box and use third-party services to connect & sync their Nanoleaf panels with the sync box. I would love to have a simple solution - software or hardware - that would allow me to do this natively and supported by Nanoleaf.