Screen Mirroring - Extended usability

Started by TNormann


The current Screen Mirroring is an amazing feature, but unfortunately extremely limited in terms of usability.

Summary of request

  • Ability to use Screen Mirroring without computer, i.e. directly via SmartTV, ChromeCast, Apple TV, game consoles, etc.
  • Automated Screen Mirroring in certain contexts (e.g., when it receives signal from ChromeCast, game console, …)
  • Extended configurability of Screen Mirroring effects
  • Ability to connect Screen Mirroring with smart lights of other brands

The first one is the most important one - and probably the most difficult one :-) However, this is widely requested, the interwebs is filled with people asking for this. Now, people are buying Hue HDMI sync box and use third-party services to connect & sync their Nanoleaf panels with the sync box. I would love to have a simple solution - software or hardware - that would allow me to do this natively and supported by Nanoleaf.


Screen mirroring is a technology that allows a user to display the content from their device on a larger screen, such as a TV or computer monitor. A web designing companies in Australia would not typically offer screen mirroring as a service as it is not directly related to including video streaming or media playback functionality on a website, which would require some level of screen mirroring technology to be utilized.


Screen Mirroring is a technology that allows a user to project the content of their device to another display. This can be used to extend the usability of the device by allowing the user to display the content on a larger display. This technology can be especially useful in a business setting, where multiple people can view the same content on a larger display. Atcontent writing company in USA meetings, I use screen mirroring to present my presentation to all the directors. It is one of the best tools.


I would add to fix the screen mirroring on PC app : lots of bugs (do not mirror the requested part of the screen).

And yes at least propose it on smart TV… Considering thé price you're selleing your stuff you should propose great app.