Razer Synapse Module

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I really like the Aurora kit and the app is pretty good to be honest but the other smart lights in my house (or I guess my specifically, my computer room) are Phillips Hue which are now Razer Chroma compatible, feel like you panels would get waaaay more out of this than the bulbs, is it something you're willing to look at? I know when Razer first announced 3rd party apps your name was actually on the list but not really seen/heard anything since.


Ohh thanks for finding that!
OK I am running the latest version of Synapse (3 Beta) and that little applet and I found it works but only with Chroma Apps, not as a module inside Synpase.
So i f you run and pair the applet with nano, then run a game with Chroma Support (I tried it with Overwatch) it does sync the colour schemes.

You just can't go into the Chroma Studio thing and manage it there.


Really? It never works for me and that's also using synapse (latest). I've tried launching it first and everything but still nothing.

The only thing different is that I have it connected to my google home app but that shouldn't interrupt the chroma functionality.


Did you run the little applet in administrator mode (when installing) I saw a comment on a different Synapse module that said they require elevated privileges for some reason.


I found an additional issue with this that may help people.
If you find the status of the applet –> NanoLeaf says "Paired" but the Chroma App sync doesn't seem active take the following steps.

  • 1: Ensure Synapse is Running
  • 2: Run the Applet
  • 3: Ensure the Nanoleaf is powered on
  • 4: Un-pair your device in applet
  • 5: Follow the steps to repair (detect the device, hold the power button on nanoleaf for 5-7 seconds then click "pair on the screen)
  • 6: Run a Chroma compatible application

I've found certain version updates in synapse cause you to need to do this.


Hi…i am a new user here. In my case so for a while Razer Synapse worked fine, it did kept giving warnings in the windows event log till it eventually "snapped" and won't start.I decided to install Synapse 2.0 so i can at least use my keyboard properly but even that won't start.


This wouldn't be a Nanoleaf module issue but instead a Razer Synapse issue.

I would recommend getting in touch with them to troubleshoot the cleanup and reinstallation of their latest version.


I don't think this Chroma app is an actual Nanoleaf offering given how simplistic it is, doesn't work/isn't supported and lacks any documentation. I'd be surprised to find if it were something Nanoleaf produced.

This said, I also think that being able to sync Nanoleaf products with Razer Chroma would be a dream for a lot of gamers. Razer offer technical and marketing support for those who get their products/games to work with Razer Chroma (https://developer.razer.com/works-with-chroma/developer/).

Is there any chance to get this integration on the roadmap at all?


The Razer Chroma integration is available as per the links below but it's limited. That limitation also happens to include no existing module to facilitate interaction with the lights similar to the app.

Some user have confirmed functionality on other forums but I have never been able to get it working myself. I'm only playing overwatchan haven't tried league mind you.

I'll have to try to repair it without my phone paired to it though. It might be the difference I've been too lazy to properly try :p

I would also really appreciate the full integration and it would only encourage more purchases of Nanoleaf and Razer products.



Hello, Just like to say I have gotten it to work. Working great for me. Even as a light keypad which controls my PC.

My question is I have multiple sets of nanoleaf panels.
1 Aurora and 1 Canvas.

I was able to connect the Canvas, is there a way I can add a second set of lights?


Thank you for sharing this information. I just wanted to let you know that I checked out your website and that I thought it was extremely fascinating and educational. I look forward to reading many of your postings.