Power only model

Started by CICDC


Instead of having to have a complex system with Having to have a computer hooked up and doing all this API coding and knowledge of how to use it, the most obvious idea would be to have another powered extension pack. This would work the same way a wifi extender does, not having it’s own set of it parameters it would just extend the base instructions to the other panels and provide the extra power required, it would then be easy (that’s the major key here) to install this into an existing system and add up to 30 more panels.

I think you would majorly increase your business and interest. I’ve had at least 20 club owners talk to me about mine, but then tell me that they won’t bother buying these because it’s too small for the size of their club and too difficult to add multiple of these with also hiring an engineer, which makes doing that way more expensive and therefore just not worth it.

I honestly don’t get why this already isn’t a thing, seems like it should have been the on the product road map a long time ago. Just my opinion.

Thanks for your time and consideration



On that note, a little background, I did try a run of 2 of these, but ultimately gave up on the second, I had to hire an engineer to try and get it to work. I couldn’t find a simple how to guide for the untechnical anywhere either, which would help immensely and I couldn’t believe that there isn’t one, what are you doing over there?

They did get it to work, and it did for a while, but when it stopped working, I couldn’t get it working and didn’t want to have to pay the engineer again to come back and fix it. So I have them now split in different locations, but it’s not what I wanted, and the 30 really look small and lost on the club wall and the other one (which is just 9 to test with) is basically out of view. If this was just as easy as adding more power and panels I’d easily buy 120 or more panels.



Aliakbar Eski


The Nanoleaf Canvas addresses those concerns. Its controller can support in the order of 100s of panels and it comes with power extenders.




I was looking for just this as well! I bought a few sets but have no idea how to sync them. Then I read @"Aliakbar Eski" response and was like “Really?”

So you’re saying you’re not doing this for the current product line, the triangles or whatever they are, cause that’s fucked up. I just shelled out like a couple of grand on a few sets of these. Well gonna send them back to amazon then. Don’t want a product that’s no longer supported.

How misleading! That’s really shitty of your company. Doubt I’ll get the canvas, squares just aren’t as cool and I don’t have faith in a company that says “we want your requests” then don’t even support the damn product anymore. Fuck that. Take that to your CEO or PM or whatever. Good luck with your loss of business, assholes.