Play rhythm scenes synced to spotify

Started by long__flower__586


It would be a very nice feature, if it would be able to play the rhythm scenes on the panels synchronised to e.g Spotify or Deezer with the nanoleaf desktop application. My problem is that my (bluetooth) speaker hasn't an 3,5mm audio output so I can't connect to my rhythm module. Use the module without that doesn't work, because my speaker is standing in front of my light panels facing to the room. So the module doesn't recognize any sound, if I hear on normal volume.

So I would really appreciate to connect the spotify or deezer account to the desktop software and then syncronise the rhythm scenes to the streamed music I'm playing.


Hello, I have checked it out:

It says there is a Spotify Integration. This feature allows me to synchronize your Spotify music with your Nanoleaf lights in real-time. Could I confirm whether it's also available for local Spotify songs as I have downloaded Spotify music with my AudFree Spotify Music Downloader:

Or, I still need to use a Spotify app and a Spotify account to achieve this well?


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