OTA updates over Matter via Google Home

Started by small__snowflake__206


why don't you support OTA updates over Matter via Google Home? I bought bulbs, and did initial setup through matter/Google home. worked fine.

today I decided to add the bulb to the Nanoleaf app just to see the differences and was immediately told there's a critical OTA update and installed it.

why didn't you submit this ota update using the Matter standards?

developers dot home dot google dot com slash matter slash ota

RouteThis Url: N/A
Country: United Kingdom
OS Version: Android 14, API 34
App Version: 10.6.2
Device Make: samsung
Device Model: SM-S928B

Name: Loft Landing Nanoleaf A19 XXXXXXXXXXX
Model: NL67
Firmware: 3.6.173
Hardware: 4.1.8
Connection Type: Thread
Power Warning: false