Nanoleaf Shapes x Razer Chroma Integration?

Started by SodaPortal


As of now, the only way to get Nanoleaf panels to work with the Razer Synapse Nanoleaf module is to:

  1. Not use the newer Nanoleaf Shapes line, Synapse currently only detects the older Canvas or Light Panels lines (which is not available at retail stores anymore, except MicroCenter and Amazon, if you consider them retail)
  2. Only use one set of panels at a time (although I am not able to confirm if this is still the current functionality. I'm going off what I read since I have no compatible panels to connect with Synapse at this time)

I saw the marketing and dreamy PC setups shrouded in beautiful lights and decided to purchase some lights. I went to Best Buy, grabbed a Razer Huntsman Mini & Viper Ultimate, 20 regular & 30 Mini Nanoleaf Shapes Triangles, and more Philips Hue lights (naturally). Sadly, I can only sync my Hue gear with Synapse.

I later found (after attempting to "fix" it for days) that the Shapes line has not been made compatible yet with Synapse. I only switched to Razer and finally accepted Synapse to be installed on my computer if it meant I were to have complete RGB control without having multiple apps running in the background, all fighting for some CPU power. I also see that Synapse can sync with only one set at a time with the currently compatible product lines, which worries me having two patterns behind my monitor on a corner that would be hard to conjoin even with the Nanoleaf extension cable.

I did see some hope in the answers of the Nanoleaf Staff on Reddit that were suggesting the feature will be made compatible with Shapes come Q1 2021. This incompatibility seems like an issue for future customers. All the Razer x Nanoleaf marketing is still widely touted with its visibility as present as it used to be with Canvas'/Light Panels' popularity. Even during the installation of the Synapse app, the option to install the Nanoleaf module exists, which may pique some folks' interest in getting some panels. Yet, the Shapes line continues to become more available than its predecessors. Suppose a consumer were to make the mistake of not researching the compatibility of Shapes with Chroma before purchase. In that case, they'd begin to think it was a technical issue before finding out that it was not a released feature yet.

I am wondering, what is the current state of this development? I am eager to have a wonderfully connected RGB system without multiple applications having to capture my display for ambient lighting or the need for configuring profiles/patterns various times through different interfaces. I do not know how many people have decided to switch to Razer BECAUSE of the Nanoleaf and Philips Hue compatibility. However, I feel this would be a welcome feature to the Nanoleaf community.