Nanoleaf Desktop Music Sync

Started by wllkle


It would be great if we could sync our Nanoleaf products to music playing on computer using the Nanoleaf Desktop app; or coming into the computer via a line-in. This would be a bulletproof music sync solution for the newer shapes range which do not have a 3.5mm jack like the rhythm module does.


I think what they mean is the system could act like an equaliser. The desktop app already provides "visualisations" such as the Screen Mirror effect for displays.

Alternatively, an Audio Mirror feature could be added to support direct sources. For example, input from a musical instrument (such as an electric guitar or keyboard) could be output using a Nanoleaf kit.


If I understood correctly, the earlier Auroras had a 3.5mm jack input. The current shapes incomprehensibly no longer have this feature. To my mind, this is a step backwards. On the one hand, the input via the microphone is never free of noise and on the other hand, the shapes only react above a certain volume level, which is not always advantageous for my neighbors at night.

It would therefore be a dream if the sound signal could at least be routed 1:1 via the PC through the desktop app - preferably with the possibility to control the input level. In doing so, the Rhytm scenes should basically be preserved.

The connection via Razor Chroma as an alternative is unfortunately not helpful because the standard scenes cannot be used for music - the visuals look pretty boring in contrast.


I use version 1.30 of the Nanoleaf DesktopApp. As far as I found out, the beta for the app is closed.
In the app there is an option to have sound signals processed in conjunction with Razor Chroma - this works, but looks bad as the Nanoleaf scenes cannot be used at all.
I only find the screen mirroring option there, but no option for the sound.

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I would LOVE to see this happen. I've had my original Nano Leaf Light Panel Aurora Rhythm set for about 5 years now, and I absolutely love them. They've been used every day since I bought them.
I'm also an avid PC user/gamer and just discovered the desktop app, I LOVE this screen mirror feature, and it would be extremely nice to have the option to sync music from my PC up to it as well, as I usually use headphones so the rhythm mic doesn't work for that. (I know this one has the audio jack, but I use bluetooth and would prefer a wireless solution).
Great work, you continue to impress and iron out bugs and am happy to say these lights are one of the coolest products I've ever spent hard earned money on. Thank you!