Longer flexible connector

Started by inetZombieBKW


I would love to have the ability to start another branch perhaps 6 inches away and have some kind of mount that allows me to lift one side providing depth.



Without the benefit of a 3D printer I managed to solder two connectors together with as much as 20 feet of wire between panels successfully. I plan to combine these with the bendable connectors to make 4 pyramids mounted to wooden bases as a portable solution to lighting my deck, or wherever pyramids will work.



just a suggestion but probably more astectic as well as easier to manipulate would be flat cable. Thinner , less space, so would look nicer and all kinds out there .



I second this request. I'd love to see a Aurora Jumper cable of some sort. I'm about to install a bunch of Aurora's in my home and want to put half of them on the other side of the room (basically need a flex linker that's 3 meters long!). I'm currently going to have to hack up something less than elegant (no 3D printer access). I'm sure you guys see the value in this. You hacked up something similar for your CES booth! ;)



Anyone soldered together a longer power cable?


Slippin Jimmy

Anyone try using conductive copper tape to make flex connectors. I’m thinking of trying it so let me know if you’ve had great success or any mishaps I should be aware of.