Interval timer

Started by Helsloot


I’d really like an option for seconds in the schedule section of the app. This would be great for users of a gym to see how long they’re busy with their exercises or to be used as a circuit.

For example 40 seconds on a green color, 20 seconds rest when the nanoleaf is red.

This would be great!

Aliakbar Eski

Good idea. Will post this to our app team.

Specifically, what you requested is possible through an effect.
Here are the parameters:

Motion Type: Fade
Speed: max it out (0s)
Delay: 20s precisely
ColorPalette (in order): Green Green Red

You will see that the panels are green for 40, and red for 20.
in this case, the controller sets the panels to each color in the palette (in order) for delay number of seconds. You can mix and match more of these colours and patterns.
this is specific to fade.

There are other ways to do it as well, but none of them are as quick as I just mentioned.
however, we are always looking for suggestions / ideas to improve our app.
The user base always astounds us with the applications they have for the light panels / Canvas