Improved Screen Mirror Support

Started by minituff


Screen Mirroring on my Nanoleafs is great when its working, but there are many small things that are needed to make this feature worthwhile:

  1. Save screen mirroring into effects so it can be quickly activated from the Dashboard
    1a. "Save as Dynamic effect" just saves the colors, not the screen mirror itself, so if my screen is red, after I click save it will still be red, even if my screen is showing blue content.
  2. Enable screen mirroring in schedules. I would love to have screen mirroring off when I'm working from 9-5 on my work laptop, and be turned back on when I use my personal PC.
  3. Enable screen mirroring to be set through the developer API.
  4. Enable screen mirroring to be set through the mobile app, this works through the web-portal and desktop app, why not the mobile app?
  5. Create a "When signal is lost" mode, so that when the screen mirror source PC is disconnected (off/sleep), I can trigger another scene or automation.
  6. Create a "When signal is restored" mode, so when the screen mirror source PC comes online, I can switch away from another scene back to screen mirroring.
  7. Enable customization of screen mirroring modes. I love the Chameleon effect, but sometimes it transitions a little too fast, I wish I could slow it down a bit.
  8. BUGFIX. When the screen mirror source PC is turned off (or sleep), and turned back on, the panels are stuck on the last color before the PC is put to sleep. The fix for this is to open the PC and toggle the screen mirror feature.
  9. BUGFIX. When the screen mirror source PC is turned off (or sleep), the panels will be frozen in place. If I use the Chameleon mode, I would love for the panels to just move around the last few source colors they had.


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Thank you for the insights.

I have made the request internally and hopefully we can get to some of it in the coming months.

I like the idea of being able to automate screen mirror!

  • Faisal, Product Manager at Nanoleaf