Improve overall quality assurance

Started by mpasdziernik


I think nanoleaf products are great regarding what they promise but recently more and more problems arise.

  • I bought the 4D. It worked for some time then it lost connection. Now the factory reset does not work and I am unable to pair the device. I send a detailed problem report to customer support. They asked me to make a video. I think this is too much. How to make a video with my iphone while using iphone to pair the device at the same time?

  • I bought the christmas string lights. I can't use any rhythm/music scenes, the app reports the device is incompatible with rhythm. Preinstalled scenes work but they do not show up as music scenes in the app.

  • I bought matter essentials bulbs to replace my homekit essentials bulbs. Now I can't use any group scenes with them. In addition, they regularly loose connection to the thread network. Re-pairing with the nanoleaf app works. Adding to homekit works. But adding to home assistant causes lots of problems since the nanoleaf shapes TBR joined the apple thread network. After turning off the shapes adding to home assistant works.

  • My nanoleaf shapes created their own thread network with TBR functionality. This was no problem since all my devices used the apple based thread network. Recently, the shapes joined the apple thread network as TBR causing instability. Lots of people report problems with nanoleaf TBRs, please stop us from forcing to use them. Please add a future to the app to disable.

In my opinion there seems to be a general problem with product quality assurance.


The market for consumer electronics is marked by the presence of a diverse range of high-end devices that are expected to deliver seamless and satisfactory experiences to end-users. However, the quality of customer support services offered by some of these devices has been deemed inadequate. A significant number of customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the manner in which their concerns are handled, particularly with regard to the troubleshooting process. They have reported being subjected to redundant inquiries and being made to feel incompetent. This has resulted in unnecessary delays and frustration, especially after providing detailed descriptions of their issues and the steps they have taken to resolve them.

Furthermore, many of these devices come with warranties that cover the costs of repairs or replacements. When a device is sent back for repairs, it is often refurbished and resold or redistributed as a replacement for another faulty device. Therefore, it is crucial that customer support services are of the highest quality to ensure end-users receive the best possible experience.

In some instances, it may be challenging to provide video evidence of issues when attempting to pair a device, especially if there is only one device available, such as in the case of mobile phones. This can further complicate the request for customer support, necessitating the involvement of troubleshooting processes to obtain a replacement device. While it is understandable that more thorough customer support services can prevent consumer errors, the majority of users are tech-savvy enough and can be supported in their skills by providing these troubleshooting details in their initial communications. Therefore, it is reasonable to anticipate a prompt solution, such as the direct replacement of the device.