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@Nathan @iamstillvince

Would this not work with the IFTTT action:

"Notify you using your Nanoleaf Aurora
This action will temporarily set your Nanoleaf Aurora to a solid or blinking color and then return to its previous state. Requires Aurora version 1.4.39 or higher."

My only request for this action would be to allow the temporary use of a scene. As in: "If Rain forecasted, temporarily display rainfall scene"


As addition to this.. can you make a way to set the brightness? It seems to flash with the brightness that was last used.. it would be nice if the brightness could be set in the ifttt applet..


@"Icepick.com" can you not just set the same trigger and use the brightness action that's already there?

IFTTT is nice, but the functionality is basic. My suggestion above would not, for example, work with the Button trigger. It'd sure be nice if they (IFTTT) would implement additional AND and OR conditions.