Hallway / Room celling light replacement

Started by inetZombieBKW


It would be really nice to replace a ceiling light found in a typical house with something similar to five or so panels. Even better if you could connect two together. In my house I have a long hallway with one light at each end. It would look so nice to have a single line of panels instead.



this can be done but as advised by nano, ceilings mounts are not generally recommended mount for obvious reasons. But hey one can find a good quality plexi and has the patience an tools to cut it in a single long strip or multiple short ones, this could make ceiling mount safer (ok my opinion) secure with small drywall screws or proper drywall screw anchor inserts of smallest size possible. Of course use both the supplied or separately purchased double side mount stikeees maybe larger than those supplied.
The more creative part of course is the cord to the controller, now one could make your own custom cable to extend the end down a wall to small shelf where the power supply could be located with wall plug available. That would be the more challenging part, as electrical code for the most would not allow for that to be inside the ceiling .
There are all kinds of trim type wire runs that you could mount in corner of one end, run controller wire inside to bottom of wall where possible plug would be and make some kinda holder for the power supply and done.
For the most part to be extending the controller connection to power supply, If you look on net im sure you can find an "extension" cord that has male and female DC connectors to do the run if you did not want to make your own .
As to the plexiglass, well options could be clear to just secure, or the frosted kind that may add to the effect of the segments.
Just my view as iv not done but have been considering some ceiling mounts, maybe just as the finish/edging to a wall mount.
Oh yes one last thing, hopefully the wall plug could of course be wall-switch controlled to allow for on/off .
Or…one could if into any of the current home automation devices, add that function to the plug in for the power supply.
So keeping in mind that if one is not that up on electrical you may need the services of an electrician to add the required source and switch's if needed. Otherwise most I think one can do with not too much effort.