gaming support/ ambilight

Started by sT0n3r


Since seeing this video almost a year ago now, I have been waiting for some gaming support for the nanoleaf panels, coolermaster+ is not working, razer chroma is impossible to get working and it wont be as good as the coolermaster screencapture way of doing things, so can it be possible for anyone to help get Prismatik or Ambibox
Working with the nanoleaf panels, the software is perfect for the panels allowing the ability to set the number of leds/panels and there positions very easy

thank you


not sure but i think this could be the code we need from the api ? {

API_DEBUG_OUT ¬ę¬†CmdGetColors;
result = ApiServer::CmdResultGetColors;

QList curentColors = lightpack->GetColors();

for (int i = 0; i < curentColors.count(); i++)
QColor color(curentColors[i]);
result += QString("%1-%2,%3,%4;").arg(i).arg(;
result += "\r\n";


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