Flex connectors

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Hey Rbelsjoe!

Paul here, I head up digital and customer experience at Nanoleaf. Thanks for asking about the flex connectors—they're currently in safety certification, and we hope that they'll be available in late May.

The connectors are full flex and will bend from laying flat to about 170deg.

Have you registered your Aurora warranty at https://nanoleaf.me/myaurora? If so, you'll get an email from the team as soon as they're GA.

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How about extended connectors? flat cables, 6 inches to several feet, allowing us to create constellations of Nanoleaf Auroras.


oculus42 : wow that's crazy! I wonder what was used for the metal contacts, doesn't exactly say on there.. Also, without a 3d printer i'm not sure how I would get any created..


The example pictures look like it's using solid-core phone wire. I went ahead and printed a set of them and used some phone line and it worked as expected. I would probably use a higher-quality print next time, as some of the connectors needed some slight cleanup.

Also, don't slide the connectors in without wires; the spring pins on the lights will get stuck in the slots.

Also, you can order printed items through Thingiverse. Scroll down on the item page and you can order from several different services.

EDIT: As mentioned on the Imgur comments, phone line isn't actually meant to carry power, so use at your own risk.