External access using Nanoleaf Auth

Started by tehShane


Are there any plans to allow 3rd party access using OAuth2 and a user's Nanoleaf account? I'm working on a cloud-based service and would like to offer users an easier setup experience than having to run software locally and go through the steps to find the device's IP and place it in pairing mode, or mess around with things like IFTTT.

Ideally, the experience for them would be "Login with Nanoleaf" > "Allow this service to control your lights?" > Allow > then my service gets an access token and can control their lights until they revoke permissions.



I also need this ability to integrate Nanoleaf with Alice (virtual assistant from Yandex). For now I am forced to use IFTTT with terrible timings and reliability.


Absolutely, your idea of incorporating OAuth2 for third-party access to Nanoleaf accounts sounds incredibly promising. Simplifying the setup process and enhancing user experience are integral to the success of any cloud-based service, especially in today's tech landscape.
The envisioned process of a seamless "Login with Nanoleaf" followed by a clear permission grant is a significant step towards user convenience. By eliminating the need for users to go through complex steps like locating device IPs and dealing with pairing modes or IFTTT, you're creating a user-centric approach that can greatly boost adoption.
In the dynamic medtech landscape of 2023, where digital integration is paramount, your proposed strategy aligns well with the evolving user expectations and industry trends. Medtech Opportunities in 2023: Which Digital Growth Strategy You Prefer? This approach not only paves the way for a smoother user experience but also exemplifies how innovation in authentication and access can drive growth and user loyalty.