"Discover" tab no longer remembers prior list placement when backing out of a previewed scene

Started by D Wo

D Wo

Hello! It seems recent changes to the "Discover" tab in the app have altered the way the section deals with lists. Before the update if you were to scroll through a bunch of scenes before selecting one, when backing out of the selected scene you would return back to the location you left off in the "Discover" tab. Now if you tap out of a scene you are previewing you are sent back to the start/top of the "Discover" tab regardless of where you previously left off. Here's a video to illustrate what I'm talking about: https://streamable.com/lqv0k

Is there any possibility that the "Discover" tab could be updated back to follow its previous behavior when backing out of a selected scene? Every first party iOS app I can think of (i.e. mail, messages, contacts, Safari) returns you back to your prior location upon backing out of an item you have opened. Many third part apps do this as well (i.e. Reddit, YouTube, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook). Therefore I'm finding it a bit unintuitive to have the "Discover" tab no longer follow the same GUI logic. I used to scroll though a bunch of scenes in the "Discover" tab to see if there were any new scenes that interested me, but now I'm finding it kind of a pain to have to scroll through a bunch of scenes I've already seen each time. I'm finding it annoying to use what is otherwise the BEST feature of the Nanoleaf app - being able to upload and browse/download new scenes created by others in the Nanoleaf community! =D

And two other quick ideas:
1) Is there any possibility to add the ability to reorder the list of scenes saved under the "Desktop" tab. At the moment saved scenes are presented in the order at which they were saved to the controller. If you add and remove scenes frequently the list can quickly become jumbled. At the moment you can either perform a soft reset, or delete and reinstall the Nanoleaf app, to force your saved scenes to be reordered in alphabetical order, but it'd be nice to be able to do this without those workarounds. Even a simple implementation where you could hold and drag to reorder saved scenes (like how iOS lets you reorganize app positions on your home screen) would be super helpful. Another idea could be introducing a feature in the app to "reindex" scenes stored on the controller in alphabetical order.
2) Is there a limit on how many scenes can be saved to a controller? Is there any possibly to allow users to see how much space is left on the controller? Maybe even let us know how much space individual scenes stored on the controller take up, so users could make informed decisions on how to manage the storage on the controller.

Thanks ahead of time if someone at Nanoleaf reads this. Best regards.



+1, the update made new themes research very inconvenient.


D Wo

Looks like the most recent iOS update fixed the primary issue of this post. The Discover tab now remembers your location when backing out of previewing a scene.

Thanks you to the dev team at Nanoleaf =D