Connect two or more controllers for Aurora as virtualy one

Started by arachnida


I think it would be a nice feature to have two or more controllers to act as virtualy one so effects like a wave can be used with > 30 Aurora panels.

I see this feature like a way to combine the different controllers shapes in the app using two fingers rotate and drag so you can connect the shapes as one big panel.



Hi Kristoffer,

I understood what you want (< 30) must be possible if you can connect both parts with a wire. You can ask one of the devs for a connector layout schematic. The cable must be able to deliver 24V/2W. It will however void the warranty.



No I don't just want to connect them with a wire. I want separate installations to behave in sync. As in run same effects or colours by default.

Physically connecting them all to one controller with a wire would likely also mess up with the placement calculation. Making the direction of the effects not really work. And of course it would reduce the maximum of panel to 30.

So I wrote it here as a similar, but distinctly different, use case from what you suggest. Where you would like to be able to connect several controllers and program them as one large installation



I have a design of 39 panels that works perfectly with a single controller so long as the controller is placed roughly equidistant from the far ends of the design. See my review on a for a photo and video. (Look for the photo of the large design that wraps around a wall corner - I can’t seem to direct-link to a review). Note that while this is unofficially supported, the panels appear to be at least 90% as bright as normal (if not 95% as bright) and all the scenes work perfectly, even with 3rd party apps.



Can't you plug two controllers into the same set of lights, but only pair with one of the controllers? Have the second controller provide power to half the lights, but have the control signal sent from just one? Seems that way you'd be able to just add a controller for every 30 lights… or maybe Nanoleaf could produce a power booster module that doesn't have controller smarts at all?