Better mounting options

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I noticed it can be quite tricky to hang the aurora on a structured wall.. I wish the aurora would have small mounting holes at the back to hang it.. because the sticky tape included with it won't work here. I am thinking of sticking the aurora on a very flat aluminium strip and screwing that to the wall.. but small mounting holes at the back would be nice..


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Admittedly, it is tricky in the scenario that you describe. We're releasing a screw mount system designed for this type of application. It's undergoing safety certification right now and should be available in early July.

Latest timelines are always available on our product roadmap page:


As an option, you can mount a 1/2" aluminum U channel to the wall and put the bottom row of lights into the channel. They do fit snugly, so ensure you space the holes you drill for mounting the channel to line up with the gaps between the lights.