A Proper Desktop Application?

Started by Fiercest


I think a desktop app to make life easier for people using nanoleaf with their PC is a must at this point. I have had the nanoleaf tiles for a bit now and needed to find third party solutions for something that would be seemingly simple and first party. Even Philips hue has a desktop app to control your lighting with some of the features below.
Some things that would be nice to see for a better PC experience:

  • Send your audio to the rhythm (through the aux or just through the network). Currently, It is not possible to send audio through to the rhythm unless your aux output is your sole output device, but what if I want to hear my audio through speakers and send it to the tiles. Well the only solution for this is to rely on third party applications (i.e. voicemeeter) to send audio to 2 outputs. (The hue desktop app has this done right).
  • Ambient lighting (zoned based on the regions of your screen or just the prominent color in the scene), would be nice for movies and games.
  • Controls to change the scenes and modes (like the app).

A lot of people have their tiles hooked up beside their computers so it would be a great feature to have a program in our tray that we can open up and quickly change something without going through hoops to do so on our phones (what if it's dead or something).

Corsair Integration pretty please :)


I am currently working on a desktop application for windows/mac/linux that you might find useful. Currently almost all of the features the the official nanoleaf web controller have been implemented, however I am looking to add more.

As for your suggestions:
1 - I really hope I can add streaming music directly to the aurora (it is possible) but this will take more time.
2 - Ambient lighting modes are already implemented.
3 - Changing scenes and modes is already implemented.
4 - I don't have anything corsair which will make corsair integration difficult to do, but I'll see what I can do.

I'll make a post on the "Share your Projects" topic when the application is more stable, but this is what the ui looks like so far:


@Rowak, I've been searching for days for the ambient mode included in your application. I was an hour away from trying to program one myself when I stumbled upon yours here. I cannot begin to thank you for programming it, and it's not only exactly what I was looking for, it's that and beyond. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful program. I would suggest advertising this in places like the nanoleaf subreddit, as I believe many more people need to know about this.


@Galvarino, thanks for checking out my app! I'm glad you like it! I post updates on the Nanoleaf subreddit usually around once a month, so you can look forward to some new stuff soon :)


@Rowak Hello! I was browsing the forums and I found this post! I tried looking but I was unable to find a place to try out the program you are making. Is it posted anywhere? This looks like the EXACT thing I need to solve the PC integration issues!


Hey @Bugamashoo, my bad for not posting a link. Here's a link to the main github page with a download link under the installation section.

If you have any problems connecting to your device just let me know and I'll help you out!