won't connect to razer synapse, the IOS app or my alexa

Started by Chillz


I have tried for ages now to try and connect my panels back to my phone after i changed my WIFI router. They haven't been able to connect since and now i can't use them with siri or alexa, but they will work ok on my PC??

Aliakbar Eski

What error do you get on the app? Also can you confirm that the controller successfully joins your WiFi network? When the controller joins the WiFi network it will flash the panels green as well as the LED on the controller will turn off.

If the controller does indeed join the network successfully, ensure that multicast is allowed on your new WiFi router.



Finally solved my issue, the panels where autoconnecting to the power network adapter rather than the sky hub, once we turned off the network adapter and connected to the sky it was fixed!