Unable to connect nanoleaf with android or PC.

Started by cool__leaf__146


Brand new nanoleaf system and unable to connect the lights to wi-fi no matter what I try.

I am familiar with router settings and have no problems with any of my other smart home devices, I have followed the online guides and my settings are correct.

I am stuck in a loop of trying to connect and waiting for the lights to connect to wi-fi :(

Aliakbar Eski


When you begin the pairing process does your controller have a white LED switched ON on it?
This indicates the controller is waiting to be configured. I believe yes, otherwise the android and PC would not have even found it.

Beyond that, once you initiate the pairing and configuration process do the lights ever flash green? If they do they have connected to your network successfully, however for some reason they are not being discovered by your phone or your PC. So we can look into that further.



When I start the pairing process the light is white.

I have been able to get the lights to flash green during the pairing process once, but the phone has stayed at 'waiting for your device to connect to the network' and never progresses past that even though the lights have flashed green.

Aliakbar Eski

Okay, so the green flash indicates that the controller has indeed successfully connected to the network. At this point the white LED on the controller should also have turned off (since you are using Android or PC).

If your phone or PC is now stuck in the loop it means that your WiFi router is not allowing mDNS discovery on the network.

There is an app for android called Service Browser which will tell you the list of currently advertised services on your network. The Nanoleaf devices should show up on this app (amongst other devices). If nothing shows up on this app, your network is blocking mDNS discovery.
At this point you can dig into your router settings and look for something that has been turned off or needs to be turned on related to multicast DNS (mDNS), or if any ports have been blocked.
Alternatively you can contact customer support of your router brand and they can help and point you in the right direction. You can also contact Nanoleaf support and see how we can help you out. Ultimately Nanoleaf support ends up being the middle man, so to avoid delays best to contact the router customer support directly.

Let me know your Router brand and model number as well.

If the issue is not the router contact Nanoleaf support (you can post a link to this post and discussion and mention my name as well) and we will help out

Hope this helps.


The LED light on the controller does turn off after the green blinking.

The router is a Hitron CODA-4582.

It is the ISP provided router and they will not provide any support for 3rd party products so unfortunately they will be of no help. Although I have had no trouble connecting any other smart device, google homes, philips hue, august smart locks etc


I was able to get past the loop one time where the app for a moment recognized the light pannels.

Now in the app it says the lights are not connected, and I have no control over them.

When you click on the light in the app it says the light is not responding, please check to make sure it is powered on and within range

Aliakbar Eski

Let me see if we can test with that particular router as well. Have you been able to download the Service Browser app and see what services show up?

On a related note, are you logged in on the app. Can you DM me your controller's Serial Number. You will find it on the back of the controller under the barcode


Aliakbar Eski

Excellent. So you phone through this app can indeed see a _nanoleafms._tcp service.
Can you also open that same service list and show me the contents of the Nanoleaf Device please.

I will take this information to my app devs to see why the app is not working correctly. Can I also have the Android app version please.

Parallely, I am trying to get my hands on a Hitron CODA-4582 router or find someone in the office who has one of this and see if they have had any issues (or had and managed to resolve them)



When I click on the _nanoleafms._tcp, inside has the following:

Nanoleaf Light Panels 58:d3:1f and then the IP address of the device.

The device version is 4.1.4 (21

as a side note, when I attempt to use google home to control my device the google home says "sorry nanoleaf is unavailable right now"

Aliakbar Eski

Alright, that sounds about right.
Just to be sure, the IP address is something of the likes 192.168.x.y or 172.16.x.y or 10.0.x.y? (These are all private IP addresses, one of which kind your router would assign). If it's not something of this kind, that could be an issue.

Beyond this, the next steps would be to contact Nanoleaf support. Refer them to this post (they know me, and will find me if they need more clarification), so they don't ask you the same questions as I did. They have the resources to help you further. If they cannot help you further as well, they will escalate it to the tech guys and we will jump on a live debug call and walk you through the process. the debug call normally is pretty quick.

Could you also send DM the serial number of the controller to me. Thanks.

Everything seems to be fine with the google home integration for now. Is this issue persisting even now?



You are correct, the IP is in the range 192.168.0.xxx,

the issue is still persisting with both the app and the google home, I will reach out to nanoleaf support and link them to this thread.

Thank you for you help so far, hopefully we can find a solution. I will provide you the SN via DM shortly..