Twitch Integration/Standalone APP

Started by MosaAU


I am a twitch streamer that just purchased the 9 panel starter kit.
I am not the most experienced in programming but i have friends who can assist and just need to be pointed in the right direction.

i am after an app or some sort of feature where the NanoLeaf lights trigger a scene or an action depending on what happens through my twitch channel.

Here is a small feature list:

  • Light change/animation on Sub/Follow/Bits/Host
  • Action triggered through chat commends (i know i need to make a bot, and i don't mind doing that)

I know this may be a big ask but if any information you may know that points me in the right direction to achieve what i'm setting out to do, that would be most appreciated!

Thank you!


I have added aurora integration for Streamlabs Chatbot.

Or try my new application: Nanoleaf Integration for Streamlabs Chatbot


This is an idea that I had but never worked on it because I'm not a big streamer. Another cool effect I got to work was with a green screen. If you set the lights to green, the lights will be recognized as a green screen and then you can transition to a different background as well. This wouldn't require an app, it would be an integration that is triggered based on your stream actions.