Turn Nanoleaf on IFTTT

Started by Caspix


I feel like I have googled this as crazy, but how can I easily turn my Nanoleaf on through something like IFTTT service? I do not want them to turn on when the sun comes up or when I get a twitter follower, just a simple on and off :P I have a Fibaro smarthome and would like to use my light switch to send on/off command… Is there a way to send HTTP stings to the Nanoleaf?



This is very easy to do with IFTTT. What you are looking for is the button widget trigger, which you can place the widget anywhere on your homescreen/launcher (I'm not sure how this works on iOS). To set up an applet with the button widget, click on new applet -> for the IF: search for button widget -> for the THEN: search for nanoleaf and select the turn on or turn off action -> click finish. After you set up the applet you have to add a button widget to your homescreen then select the applet you just created when prompted.

As for your question about communicating with the Aurora through HTTP, you can send commands using the open api (documentation here). Also check out this post for more information about getting started. If you simply want to turn the lights on and off, you can POST http://YOUR_IP:16021/api/v1/YOUR_API_KEY/state with a body of {"on": {"value": true}} or {"on": {"value": false}} for on and off respectively.