Troubleshooting Elements controller/connection problems.

Started by Spawnreaper


So today I have been fighting with my fresh out of the box 13 pannel nanoleafs.
It started out fine, turned on the panels and started a scene with animation. After a couple of minutes I noticed that the animation stoped. the pannel with the controller attached had one corner led white the rest of the panels where amber.
The panels in the app did not respond to commands.
tried to do soft reset, but the buttons did not respond.
Pulled the plug, after reboot, nothing. Power button led stayed on.
Did a hard reset. re-added the panels to the app. Failed the first time.
After a couple hard resets was a succes, I could add them. But on the orientation stage of the setup a did not see any panels. screen was empty.
I spend the rest of the day doing multiple resets hard and soft. Some times I do get panels in the orientation or just 3 of the 13 showed up.
But every time, after a while animation stoped again and the crash started all over again.
I thought it might have something to do with the animation so I switched to basic. But still it keeps crashing.
I turned of the touch functions, since thats a bit buggy. But it still keeps crashing.
Nanoleaf is sending me a new controller.
If I use 'identify' function only the controller lights blink but not the panels.
Does anyone else have something else I could try?

Gary Funk

I suggest you attach the controller to only one of the 13 tiles, then test if you can control the tile. Do that for all 13 tiles and maybe you will find some bad tiles. Start there and tell me what the results are.

Aliakbar Eski

@Spawnreaper something wrong seems to be going on between your controller and the panels, specifically the panel that you have connected the controller to. Have you tried to connect the controller to some other panel to see what is going on as well. Try that in case you have not.
@"Gary Funk"'s suggestion is on the same lines, and results from his test are valuable as well.


Gary Funk

That Funk dude is smart and has over 50 years experience in electronics and software. I hear he worked on the ARPANet build while in the military.

I've also heard he can be a PITA.