Synapse and/or nanoleaf app

Started by Psycrow


I just pairred my Nanoleaf panels with synapse from Razer and it works great, but then i found out synapse takes full controle over the light panels, so my schedules and timers in the Nanoleaf app gets " disabled/ignored" and dosent activate until i manualy opens the nanoleaf app and press on my current scene so that the app takes controle again.

It looks like we can ONLY have 1 software connected and controled at the time.
I tryed to create profiles for my games in synapse and choose only to sync with enabled games but that dosent seems to work at all..i tryed to open outriders and link the game in synapse but either the panels just got stock on 1 colour or dident turn on at all…


This seems more like a problem with Synapse than the panels themselves. I can control mine via the Nanoleaf app, Google Home, or my desktop, even simultaneously, with no issues.

I've never used Synapse, but I wonder if you have conflicting schedules on your Nanoleaf controller. Or perhaps Synapse is sending a lot of commands to your panels, interrupting your schedules.

There is a way to obtain a list of schedules stored on your controller, but you'd need to know something of HTTP GET requests to do it. There is a command that lets you delete those schedules too.