Static Effects

Started by empty__wind


Hello, I put together a module a while back and there was the ability to set static scenes. I've upgraded everything and picked up another aurora, however it looks like the static URL I tried in the past doesn't work anymore. This is the command that used to work:

Putting this JSON
'{"write":{"command":"display","version":"1.0","animType":"static","animData":"1 74 1 255 0 0 0 1","loop":false}}'

To this endpoint

It sets the effect to static, in this case just a single red panel. However, the actual panel isn't red. On the app, it shows that the static scene is active, however turning the panel off and then back on, I get an unlit panel.

What am I missing to activate a static effect?

Aliakbar Eski

Hey @empty__wind

panelIds are not the same between 2 different Aurora's and panels. Static effects cannot be shared between controllers because the panelId from one layout will not correspond to a panel on another layout (it may not even exist).

In this case, the panel 74 does not exist in your layout. It existed in a previous layout, yes. In which case it would turn red.

The controller does not throw an error because it cannot determine if you actually do not own a panel with Id 74 or you simply removed it from the layout for the time being. In this case, it will defer this decision to the user, who has more knowledge.

If you need information / help about how to get the panelIds for the panels and so on, I am right here to help!

Hope this helps.



If it might not be asking too much, I have another question. Rather than setting static, I thought it might be simpler to directly change the hue/saturation/brightness on my single panel display. I think I'm missing something, as I'm writing this json


To this endpoint


But getting RESPONSECODE:400 Bad Request

Am I missing something simple again?

Aliakbar Eski

actually surprised that worked haha.

The even more easier and correct way is to set the hue and saturation values from the /state endpoint rather than effects

Aliakbar Eski

{"hue":{"value":181}, "sat":{"value":100}, {"brightness":{"value":50}}

Also saturation cannot be more than 100. Its actually a percentage



It seems like you are trying to set a static color effect on an Aurora (Nanoleaf) light panel using an API call. The JSON you provided appears to be correct, and it should set the panel to a static red color. However, if the panel is not displaying the expected color, there are a few things you can check:

API Token: Make sure that the API token in the URL is correct and hasn't changed. If it has changed, you will need to update it with the new token.

API Version: Check if the API version you are using (in this case, "1.0") is still supported by the Aurora firmware. It's possible that there have been updates or changes to the API in newer firmware versions. You may need to update your API calls accordingly.

Panel Configuration: Verify that the panel you are trying to control is still connected and online. If the panel is offline or disconnected from the network, it won't respond to API commands.

Firmware Updates: Make sure that your Aurora panels are running the latest firmware. Sometimes, firmware updates can introduce changes or bug fixes related to the API.

Error Handling: Check if you are receiving any error responses from the API when making the request. The response may provide more information about why the panel is not responding as expected.

Power State: Ensure that the panel is powered on when you send the API command. If the panel is turned off, it won't display any color, even if you set a static effect.

Other Effects: If there are other effects or schedules running on the panel, they might override the static effect. Make sure that there are no conflicting effects or schedules active.

Network Configuration: Check if there have been any changes to your network configuration that might be affecting communication with the panel.

If you have verified all these aspects and are still facing issues, it might be helpful to consult the official Nanoleaf documentation or support resources for further troubleshooting. Additionally, make sure that the JSON formatting is correct and that you are using the correct API endpoint and method for setting static scenes.