Shapes Initial Setup, seems incomplete - wifi? firmware?

Started by braddo


Hello, bought a mini triangles starter and expansion pack.

The instructions seem incomplete. Can't figure how to join the shapes to my wifi network. The typical way iot devices work (I have lots) is to connect first to the captive wifi of the device, then tell the device what is the SSID and password info for your actual wifi network.

The instructions seems to stop at the first part - connect to the captive wifi, register the device and, … you're done! (really?)

So the device is now showing in the app, but it's not connected to my wifi because I never gave it that info. How can I do so?

If I disconnect from the captive wifi, the app freezes/unresponsive. There is no wifi setup in the More>Settings area, and I can't see where it might be anywhere in the app. Another place one might think to look - if you go to devices, there is a list, with at the moment one device in it. If you click the device nothing happens, long click nothing happens - what is this page even for?

Maybe it will help to update the firmware, but again, not clear how to do that. If you go to settings>firmware, it says "up to date" but the device probably cannot know that without the ability to connect to the network. When you are in this part of the app, the download arrow (android phone) is continuously flashing as if something is being downloaded, when clearly it isn't. It will do that forever. Why would the arrow show downloading when nothing is downloading? What is the procedure anyway, is firmware downloaded to the app first while it is connected to network and then passed to the device? No way to know.

Where to setup the wifi!?

Josh N

Hello Braddo,

Thanks for getting in touch, I do appreciate it.

I apologize for the inconvenience - I would love to help you out and make sure your set is up and running.

Can you please confirm the following:

  • App version?
  • Firmware version?
  • OS version?

Can you also please ensure that you are on 2.4 GHz and not 5 GHz? (Our Panels are not compatible with 5 GHz) I would highly recommend you follow this link to our YouTube video which will guide you to a detailed breakdown on how to setup and pair your Panels successfully:

Kind regards,