Shapes Controller un-responsive.

Started by djmikesniffen


Finally got my hexagons, but I can not set them up because the controller is unresponsive and have not seen any lights displayed on it. Anyone else having this issue or have a resolution?!?!

Aliakbar Eski


Yikes, not good at all!
First of all apologies this has happened.

So the controller has never lit up at all? And from that I can concur that the panels have never displayed colours either.

Do the panels light up dim white or not? This tells us if the PSU is busted or not?

In any case contact support. You have a faulty controller or supply. Support will have that replaced in a jiffy. If you trouble shoot with me here, you can tell support that you have trouble shouted with me here and just send them the link to this post. Just so that support can bypass asking you support questions as well and have a record to this conversation here.



Have not seen any colors displayed, but they do light up a dim white when connected to power, but have never seen any lights on the controller.