Secretlabs MAGRGB Strip won't download, save, change or view scenes. But default ones remain working only in terms of brightness. Static colors work fine.

Started by solitary__shadow__578


I have for months now experienced some severe dysfunctionality with the Nanoleaf app, and my Secretlabs MAGRGB light strip. I am running over BLE/Bluetooth 5.1 on my Android phone, currently on app version 9.4.2 (340). In the past it worked just fine for being over BLE, but now the controller/device won't let me save, download, preview scenes, or allow me to change or edit any pre-existing scenes on the app, because the RGB strip itself won't respond and the app itself gives me no error messages, except when i try to download a scene after clicking on it, afterwhich it merely says "too many scenes on controller". This is particularly odd, as I have several times attempted to soft-reset and even hard-reset it, to no avail. In fact, to my detriment, as it obviously deleted my customized and downloaded scenes that i was happily using for half a year before it decided to completely break on me. I am, still, for some reason, able to turn it on and off through the application on Bluetooth, aswell as adjust brightness and change static colors to my liking. But it won't let me save ANY changes when editing scenes/animations. And it gives me no error messages; nothing. I would appritiate some help with this, as i have otherwise altered nothing in my setup other than attempting to reset the controller and uninstall and reinstall the application on my android phone. It quite simply stopped working reliably a few months ago, and now i am stuck with the pre-installed presets or scenes, which mostly look unappealing to me, so i'm essentially stuck with just using the MAGRGB for solid color ambient lighting, which is very disappointing considering how nice i knew it looked with animations that i could tweak over Bluetooth WITHOUT being on Thread, on my android, fast and reliably. It's luckily not completely a paper weight to me now, but i've spent what i consider alot of money for a light strip. Again, to avoid repeating myself, i would kindly request anyone of you aid me in resolving this matter with me, as i am desperate and willing to take virtually any suggestion, as i have exhausted most potential solutions i could think of whilst troubleshooting this issue. Thank you in advance for your assistance and help - i will do my best to respond to your replies.