Schedules are not working if internet access is cut

Started by jo


Seems like time(ntp) is not updated localy from gateway (router), but only from internet.
How to fix?
Internet allowance is not an option on this network.


App is 3.5.2 (177); Firmware is 3.2.0
Just to be clear: if the controller at one time gets the correct time it works, but if the controller boots up without internet access, the schedules are not working.

Aliakbar Eski

That is correct.
The app is supposed to set the time in that case if the controller boots up without internet access.

It does it automatically, all you would have to do is, open the app, and let it connect to the controller once. Just to be sure, toggle it off and on from the app.
The controller time should have been set automatically.

If that isn't happening, then let me know, there might be an issue.



I use the app daily with it, but the schedules never did work. Only after allowing internetaccess for the controllers it starts to work.