Running desktop app hard crashes my Pc when watching netflix

Started by restless__fog__969


I have been running the desktop app and using screen mirroring for a few days now and everything has worked Flawless absolutely love the feature and I had seen in videos The developers state that it does not work for video streaming services such as Disney/Netflix in knowing that I still did give it a go lol and the lights did stop working when the movie actually started playing but I was able to watch the whole movie today just within the last 20 minutes I didn't realise that I had the NL program running at the time after watching something for like 20 seconds and it's only been tonight but my computer hard crashes and give me a blue screen just wondering if this is a common issue due to the lack of support with subscription services? It's definitely having the program active that is causing the issue I have troubleshooted TBH just seems very weird that it crashes my computer I get that they don't work but the fact that it hard crashes my computer is very weird anyone else having this issue? Computer runs completely fine when NL program is not enabled


This has also been happening to me since the last desktop app update. When I screen mirror, after a short while my PC video will freeze. I can still hear audio in the background, and then hear the windows tones that indicate that it has lost communication to a device (my video card). I've been going through a ton of troubleshooting trying to determine a common factor, and have finally determined it is the Nanoleaf Desktop app in screen-mirror mode. I always use it while gaming to extend the ambience to the room.

This began happening to me on October 31st. I'd been out of town for two weeks, and came back to the Nanoleaf app requiring an update. I allowed it to do so, but the update sort of just sat there not updating, and eventually I had to just kill the process. This left the nanoleaf desktop app in a broken state, so I removed it entirely, and installed fresh from the download site version 1.1.2. That is when the crashing began.

The crashes only happen when screen-mirroring is active.