rhythm without the module

Started by daxos


Hello do you think it's possible to stream music from pc or phone directly to aurora and use rhythm even without the module ? I was thinking to make some plugin in plugin builder but i have never done anything similiar.


Yes, this is possible but you would probably have to code the visualizer yourself. I don't think you can use rhythm/plugin effects. Check out my long comment on this thread for an example.


I think this would be possible, but there will be a delay in the visualizer. You'd have to detect a change in the song/sound, process the sound, then send an update to the lights. You could also possibly delay the sound to make it match up, I can notice that delay even using the rhythm module on presentation because the sound still has to be processed. Maybe with the DMX adapter you could do more, but I'm not sure generating your own visualizer without rhythm would be effective. On the other hand when I used the aux chord plugged directly in, that was faster response time.

He covers the delay here


Without using any extra hardware, the latency was basically zero for me (using the example mentioned in my above post). I don't think you should have a problem with this as long as you have fairly good internet speeds and your visualizer isn't too complex.