[recovery] Canvas control square blinking, unresponsive, no soft or hard reset.

Started by raybies



3 weeks ago another NL29 on FW 6.2.1 malfunctioned.
Boot up video: https://youtu.be/VTIgSCBrQ2c
After about "5 minutes" it may flash green 3 times every 20 seconds or white and then usually the whole control square goes off while the rest remain on.

No AP.
Doesn't request IP or connect to WiFi.
Touch bottons unresponsive.
Won't soft or hard reset.

Does anyone know how to recover it?


Josh N.

Hello @raybies,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and our apologies for the inconvenience!

What you've described seems like a hardware issue we need to investigate further. Kindly get in touch with our Support Team at http://nanoleaf.me/hello so they can help get this resolved.

Kind regards,