Razer Sync and Windows Sync tool failueres

Started by Didi-Diamond


Well, my Shapes finally arrived.

I managed to sync to Apple Homekit.

But: There is no chance of getting them synced to Razer Synapse 3 or Pairingtool.

I mean Razer are finding them but get stuck when it prompts you to push the power button to connect. The whole Razer synpase is bugging after that and i have to delete files manually in order to get my razer headphones still working because of appcrashes caused by the nanoleaf scripts.

The "NanoleafPairingTool" NanoleafPairingTool_v1.0.1.0 isn't even able to find any shapes. Whole day sitting here to manage syncing some Lights and get any further -.-#

hope you got an solution or new pairing tool.

Best regards and please don't mind my english but I'm not a native speaker :)