Razer Synapse Pairing Module is broken with Nanoleaf Canvas

Started by Lunitrix


Hey, i did a Update Session on all of my Devices. My Canvas, my PC and my Razer Synapse, because i had some issues with something unrelated.
After updating and reinstalling Synapse i went to pair my Nanoleafs again on Synapse, just to find out that its not working now.
The Progress Bar on the Pairing tool just runs trough, gets stuck on 100% and breaks Synapse.
Synapse becomes unusable and keeps throwing errors until i deinstall the Nanoleaf Module.
I know that its not my Hardware thats incompatible, because it already worked.
My Surface Book 1 shows the same behaviour when trying to pair the Nanoleafs, so its either Synapse thats broken or the Nanoleafs having issues connecting to Synapse a "second time"
I tried everything out there and was in Contact with the Razer Support already, but they werent much Help.
I did a clean reinstall of Synapse, did a soft and hard reset of the Canvas, checked my Windows for broken files etc. And yes u/KhalidNanoleaf i did already contact your support (Ticket 93012)
Im really desperate for what else i can do since the sole reason i got the Nanoleafs was to pair them trough Synapse…
Either my Canvas Controller got f'ed up because i dared to pair it to Synapse a second time, or the Nanoleaf Connector Module is broken :(


Hey, I can confirm the same thing. This issue started appearing with the Nanoleaf Canvas 5.0.1 update. As it doesn't happen when the Canvas is not available in the network (like unplugged from power), we can assume that a connection between the pc and the Nanoleaf Canvas is being established, but (my guess) Razer Synapse gets a payload from the panel that it cannot handle and thus crashes. As this started appearing with 5.0.1, said payload seems to have been changed in the update. However, other third-party apps that sync with Nanoleaf still work fine, so I guess, Razer handles the payload incorrectly.

I am already in correspondence with Razer for 1.5 months now. In the first month, they basically wanted me to update my system and reinstall Synapse over and over again until they finally believed me that this issue is not related to my system. However, they are not yet able to reproduce the problem (my guess would be that they didn't update their panels to 5.0.1 although I told them so multiple times).

Nanoleaf Support got a report from me about this problem some days ago as well, so let's see who is willing to get this bug fixed. For me, it is a major problem as I used my Nanoleaf Canvas for this reason very often – it even was the most important reason for buying it in the first place…