Panels not showing up online

Started by Askeptic


I have the Nanoleaf Panels configured. The Nanoleaf app can see them without issue as well as homekit (iphone). I am "synced" to my Nanoleaf account and all looks good from the app.

When I log in to my account online via Nanoleaf, I can see the panels and the serial number matches, however it says my device is offline. I can not view any information on the scenes it has, nor do any of my schedules appear. I can not control the lights (on/off) either. I simply have the yellow '!' in a box and it says my panel is disconnected.

Locally, all is well. I am trying to get the online portal to work so that I may integrate them in to my Google Home network. What is the magic trick to have them become accessible via this Nanoleaf web portal?