OpenThread Border Router

Started by damp__dew__731


Hi, has anyone here tried to connect the essentials A60 bulb to an OpenThread border router?
I have my router and commissioner set up. However I don't see any way to commission the light bulb as an end device.
It seems that I need to supply some kind of joiner ID to the commissioner. The included QR code, that came with the light bulb, does not seem to be intended for use with thread. I am a bit stumped.


I tried and even worse the "Shapes" that I am using do not function as a border router as well. So I have opened a support case for that. Hope support will come back with a solution and I will provide it then here.


I got an updated shapes controller and some essentials bulbs and a light strip. None of the essentials have connected to the thread network.



are there any news on this topic?

My otbr with two ESP32-C6 is running. I can see the thread network in the Nanoleaf-App but the bulbs are not joining the network.

May be it is because of Thread 1.3.0? My bulbs have latest firmware 1.6.49



yes, i have 3 A19 and 2 Essentials LED strip connected to a thread border router network from Google/Home Assistant/Nanoleaf.

They were either commissioned via the nanoleaf app or Home asssistant app.


Which RCP do you use? The nRF52840?

I'm trying to set it up with two ESP32-C6, the way using an RPi us not working because the RCP is not properly detected