OpenAPI becomes unavailable (Firmware 2.1.3)

Started by Jens B.

Jens B.


I connected my Aurora to HomeMatic using HVL. HVL uses a plugin I helped to create to connect to Aurora first using the beta API. Now I updated it to the v1 API.
Since some days the OpenAPI becomes unavailable and a request to http://:16021/api/v1// does not return a response. The connection cannot be established. But the Aurora still responds to the iOS App and the IP is pingable and SSDP and mDNS are still announcing/notifying.

Is it possible that the OpenAPI somehow crashes?
Is it possible that the Rhythm has something to do with it?

Any help would be appreciated.


Aliakbar Eski

Hi @"Jens B."

We are aware of the issue and are actively working on a fix for it. It should be released very soon.
For the meantime, if possible, try power cycling the Aurora, it should fix the issue.



Ta Lun

In the Dev Forum he wrote this 4 days ago:

There are some fixes in the next firmware update around openAPI connections. Hopefully that should resolve the issue you are seeing.
The firmware update should go live in the next couple of weeks

I hope it will fix it. one of my auroras is on 3 Meters and I need every time a ladder.


Justin Alvarez

@"Ta Lun" Looks like 2.2.0 is out with this fix:

"Fixed an issue where local connections would not be recycled when using the Open API"

I'm pretty sure that's the issue I was encountering. I haven't had a chance to try it with the new firmware, but I hope its fixed.



I own two different Nanoleaf Aurora systems and I found this topic while trying to troubleshoot this exact problem (no response from Open API but the iPhone app works fine) with one of those systems - the other works fine; which was confusing me.

It looks like the fix in firmware version v2.2.0 is released but my Nanoleaf App tells me my Aurora is already up to date (it's currently v2.1.3). Is there anything I can do to get the new Firmware recognized on the app and pushed to my Aurora device, or do I just need to wait?


Justin Alvarez

@forestb ours is also on 2.1.3 with no update available. Maybe they didn't push the update yet?