Not connected and cant download themes

Started by Psycrow


My router was powered off last day and i had to reconnect my nanoleaf using the power off and on method. Like usualy and it use to work fine.

Then i paired the device and entered the code and then the app says not connected but i can still turn the lights on and off and adjust brightness using the app.

Also i cant download any themes but i can preview em only.

It use to work before all this reset and app update
Using 3,4,2 (167)

I tryed to reset and reinstall app but nothing helped.

When i press download then the app start a green circle that loops forever…


I have the same problem with my light panels.
My Panels where offline today. Fighted one hour with multiple resets to connect again.
Updated the firmware to 3.1.5. App shows not connected but I can switch on the panels if I push the on button multiple times. App shows offline regardless.

Reinstalling the App did nothing.


Can you download any scenes ?
It use to work, but i think they made something wrong in the updates.
Why do they keep tweeaking the app when it finaly works !



no I could not download themes. Currently I am back to no connection at all….
I am hoping for the next firmware update and that I will be able to somehow get it to the panels.


Im speaking with Proffesor x ( Xavier) in here and he is on this case.

It use to can try hard reset urs..dident work for me tho…take the power cable out of the wall and press both bottons on the panel while you plug it in again..might use 2 person if you cant reach :D then after a hard reset try and pair again