No Bill and bad customer service

Started by Blaaa


Hi Lorenzix,
Thank you for reaching out and my apologies that we have not respond to your request yet, but I would be happy to help you. In order to provide you with the invoice, I would need your email address and your location? This will help me to find your order. You can send the details directly to

Thank you again and all the best


If you do not receive a satisfactory response from customer service, ask to speak to a supervisor or manager at a higher level. Sometimes company management has more authority and resources to handle difficult situations. Investigate the laws and regulations that protect consumer rights in your country or region. If the company does not follow these rules, you can contact the appropriate consumer protection organization for help. In general, if a particular company has a huge problem with customer support outsourcing, it is likely that this company needs to get another support team involved and check how things will go with the new support team.

Duncan Jones

is a strategy game genre, the purpose throughout the game is to stop the enemy's advance, protect the assigned base. The base here doesn't matter much, it could be a castle or a road or just a wasteland.


It's easy to play and it's free.
Drift Hunters Game is the best car drifting simulator with upgradeable vehicles. Collect drift points and earn money. Change cars, upgrade for free and race as you want.
Drift a selection of high-performance tuner cars on a variety of exciting tracks.
This game supports fullscreen mode!
Control Game:
WASD or arrow keys to control the car.
Spacebar as handbrake.
C to change camera position.
Left to shift gears.
Left CTRL to move gears down.


It's really up to the individual to have their own assessment. However, in order to take care of customers and have transparency in payment, issuing a bill will bring satisfaction to customers


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