New panels are a different colour

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I had the 9 panel starter kit and expanded with 3 additional panels from Amazon. Just added them to my setup tonight and I can see that when in certain colours (pink for example) the 2 new panels appear less "blue" than the others. I'd actually argue that the new panels are the correct colour and the original panels are too blue.

Do the individual panels have firmware or something which could be different?

Faulty panels?



here's a photo - I think the 3 additional panels are easy to spot:

This was displaying an orange(ish) colour - although the camera has not represented the colours correctly, the difference between the panels is accurate.

The 3 new panels definitely represent the colour in the app more than the original 9. I've only had the original 9 since Christmas so I wouldn't expect there to be any legitimate reason for this issue?


Hi, I'm new here and purchased my Nanoleaf Aurora just last week. I ordered three more extension packs and two of the extension packs are showing different colour just like OP. Can this be fixed in an update or should I just return them?


Never mind. Just returned my Nanoleaf plus three expansion packs as none of them had matching colours. I had a reply from the manufacturer saying this is a known issue which will be fixed in a software update but who knows when. I think after a week of using the nanoleaf my initial excitement had pretty much died down and got a bit bored of them plus the colour mismatch didn't really help.


Having the same issue as OP.. purchased the start 9 panels pack and just received 2 packs of the 3 expansion panels… Can notice the different colours from the original 9 from the starter to the new expand soon panels.. it's more noticeable if you put the panels to white (4000K) the new panels look more white while the original ones look on the pink side.. is there any news on a fix for this, don't really want to be returning these.

Here are come photos of mine


Hi - I’m also having this problem after investing in 30 panels.

What is the ETA please? Should I return them or can this definitely be fixed with a software update?



D Wo

[I've decided to deleted my post regarding an issue I was experience with color calibrating my panels. Nanoleaf's service team have been extremely helpful in addressing the situation. Beyond satisfied. Recommend reaching out to them directly if anyone else is having similar issue with their panels]


Hi D,

Our support team is the best place to handle these issues on an individual basis. If you need, you can DM me your contact so I can connect it to the support ticket on the backend.



D Wo

Thanks Nathan, I've heard back from support team and I'll continue the conversation there. I'm going DM you my support ticket number.


@driving directions What I mentioned before concerning the issue I was experiencing with color calibrating my panels is no longer true. The Nanoleaf support team has been really helpful during this procedure. Really satisfied. Anybody else having issues with their panels should get in touch with the manufacturer.