New owner, app saying unreachable

Started by Graeme_73


As a new owner I’m confused as after 2 or 3 days I get the Nanoleaf is unreachable status on the app, no panels are lit up and cant be turned on via the app, or voice controlled via alexa or even manually turned on via the button on the control panel. The only way I can regain control is to disconnect the power from the wall or power brick and then they can be used again. Wifi is rock solid as other wifi capable smart lights are working fine as are many other devices… firmware is currently on 3.3.3. Any help would be appreciates. Thanks

Aliakbar Eski

Hey Graeme, When this happens can you check if a green LED on the power brick itself is lit.
It just looks like your entire system is losing power.

Another thing I would try, when such an issue occurs, is to unplug the controller from the panels and plug it back in.
If the panels turn on white, but remain white even after about 10s, then there is an issue.
If the panels don't even turn on white, that means the power brick is faulty and is not supplying any power to the controller.