NanoTile power led now occasionan flashs aftr update

Started by cuz


since the last current update Dec/219 my Tile control module now suddenly and randomly has the power led flashing for short while then all off
nothing has changed in set up other than the last update
never had this before
any comments?


hi yes power led is whilte flashs few times then stops….
this happens randomly as i said…. and may not happen for long time then suddenly notice the led flash(not using system but its in front of me watching tv or listnen to tunes…..).bit long on my reply been busy of late and to add this still takes place

but otherwise wen i use panels no problems connecting…operating and even wen i use the" group mode" with my 2 full sets of nanoleaf panels

only thing, an this is way its been for while is that one needs to "wait…pause" wen trying to change pattern as i think its just that software is slow to respond as takes lil bit before a touch to start new pattern actually responds on the tablet screen but soon as it dose the panels all 3 sets respond an change…

Aliakbar Eski

hey @cuz

a slow white power led flash indicates a disconnect from your wifi network. But then it reconnects back. Most likely, your controller isn't receiving a strong wifi signal from your router. There is not much I would want to advise without knowing more about your setup.

The delay in response is likely due to the initial communication between your controller and the app. The fact that wifi is not too strong with your controller means some of the initial communication can take a bit longer.

I think this explains the phenomenon that you are observing. We can attempt to fix it, but I leave that to how much effort you want to put into improving the signal strength. Keep in mind, this could be something really stupid and as simple as moving your controller panel to another spot in the layout (as long as you like the shape)