Nanoleaf switching all panels to white and crashing at random

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At my home I have 2 nanoleaf setups… one is in the livingroom with something like 12 panels and one is in the study with about 25 panels. Both of my nanoleafs have the same problem.. sometimes at random they switch on all the panels to bright white, the buttons and app won't work/connect anymore and the only way to get it working again is pulling the power cord.
I have this issue on both of my nanoleaf setups. I contacted support but they were not much help and didn't get any futher than changing the layout or resetting the devices to factory default (already tried this). Also I tried a different power supply.

Since I have this on both of my setups (they are connected to different wifi networks) I wonder.. are any other people having this problem?
They are both running firmware 3.1.5. I am having this problem for about a year now (before that never had this issue). It happens maybe once every 2 weeks to one of the panels. Sometimes it happens in the middle of the night or during a vacation and the panels (the whole layout) are on for days.

Anyone has any tips/ideas?

Aliakbar Eski

Sorry for the delay in the response.

Can you DM your serial number to me?
You will find it on the back of you controller under the bar-code.



I've been having the same issue for a while as well. Randomly come home and nanoleaf is on, randomly turns on in the middle of the night. Also find that my Google Home cannot connect to Nanoleaf now ("It looks like your Nanoleaf Smarter Series is Unavailable").

Not impressed.

Aliakbar Eski

Hey @AlkalineGigabyte

Are you facing this issue on 3.2.0? We released that a few days ago to fix the white panel issue.

As for the Google Home issue, we did have some outages recently, but that should be resolved now.
If you are still facing issues with Google Home, please open a ticket at and they should be able to help you resolve this issue.

Sorry about the inconvenience



Hi there,

I don't think I've seen the 3.2.0 yet. I think my firmware is still 3.1.5 (ill have to check at home).

In terms of contacting helpdesk, I've done so a few days ago with no response. I've recently emailed them as 24+ hours passed and no one has responded, so color me unimpressed.

Ill check at home about the firmware version. Thanks.


Aliakbar Eski


yeah please check if the controller is upgraded to 3.2.0. That should potentially solve the White panel issue.

Can you dm the email address used to create the ticket so I can send it over to our CX department for them to respond on the ticket.



Both my layouts now have received the 3.2.0 version.. so far i didn't have the white panel issue yet.. it's a bit too early to tell if it's really gone because in the old situation it happened sometimes once a week and sometimes once every few months..