Nanoleaf Skylight unable to put into pairing mode

Started by lizznl



I recently bought the Nanoleaf Skylight, it's amazing! :-)

I would however like to put the device into pairing mode so Home Assistant can integrate and retrieve a token to it. The procedure about retrieving a token doesn't look to be working with the 5-7 on/off button cause there isn't any button on the device :) Is there any other way I could use?

Thanks in advance!


Hi lizznl,
Also saw your post on the Home Assistant community forum as well as your request regarding API pairing mode here.

I just found a solution:
If you have the Skylight on a swith just turn it off for a short time, like 1 second, and on again.
Since this restarts the device it might take a few seconds until you can reach the API again, but it seems to be ready for pairing for some time after.
I was able to manually request an auth_token via the REST API as well as get it into Home Assistant via the Nanoleaf integration.


Hi MrBrown!

Thanks for your tip! Did you request the api with a GET command? Or did you let the integration request the token?

Thanks in advance,



Both. First tried a POST command to '192.168.x.x:16021/api/v1/new'.
According to the API documentation this adds a new user and should return it's token. This is what requires the 5 to 7 second button press to demonstrate physical presence. But I did not use that token in the integration.

I tried again with the Integration requesting the token this time and it just worked.